Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Beautiful Life - Mischa Barton

I watched the new premiere tonight which is executively produced by Ashton Kutcher. It was so nice to see Mischa Barton back on TV. So far the storyline is interesting. Lots of glimpses into "high life", well not really. I live in Southern California and have seen parties a lot more posh and professional.

Well, I'm nonetheless happy to see Mischa back on TV again. :)


Nabiki said...

You're the Spicy Kitty-san from animesuki, right? I'm here to ask you to help us, wtdnd, to translate umineko mangas. I send you an e-mail by animesuki, but I don't think you read it already, so i came to your personal blog
Sorry if it looks like I'm stalking you, I'm not, please believe XD

I believe that my e-mail is attached in thsi message, but I'll let it here just to be sure, please contact me if you have interest in help us.

thank you
Nabiki Asakura

Lovely said...

hi nabiki,

unfortunately my sister doesn't get her unemployment anymore, so i may be be unable to do translations and focus more on work so i can pay for bills, etc. anyway, if we get into better situation and have more time on my hands, i'll let my fellow anime fans know about umineko. thanks for writing though! its flattering to know my blog gets a tiny bit of attention. :D

Nabiki Asakura said...

Oh, too bad XD

It's ok so, next time who knows...

Tehehe, it's a interesting blog, i ever tried to use one, but it allways get forgot so I gave up, I like when people can mantain one, cause I can't XD/